Architects and engineers, architecture and structure have symbiotic relationships. Both design disciplines reside in our office starting from the principals down. These practice elements become exposed in our design, not hidden. This creates a rich design unique to every space we create.




All projects start with loose ideas. It may be a sketch on a napkin, a photo from a magazine or a simple thought. Resolving those concepts into a precise constructible plan is our task.




Architecture is a language. Different styles are different tongues but they all must fall within an established protocol of use, code and physics. Completing the puzzle of how one falls into the other in a unique manner is what makes our jobs so rewarding.




We strive to find new and innovative methods to achieve a unique effect and cost-effective solutions




We realize that every project has a budget. A client's vision has to be constructed using common sense solutions. Creating unique and functional spaces must be realistically achieved and constructed within the client's means.


Architectural Services

  • CASp Certified
  • Site Planning
  • Building Code Analysis
  • Space Planning
  • Exterior Elevation Studies
  • ADA Studies
  • Renovations / Alterations / Additions
  • Outdoor Facilities
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Specification Manuals
  • AS-Built Drawings
  • Architectural Review Presentations
  • Interior Design

Structural Engineering

  • LEED AP Certified
  • Structural Desin in:
  • Wood, Steel, Concrete, Precast Concrete, and Masonry
  • Structural Calculations
  • Seismic Evaluation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Failure Analysis
  • Retrofit Design
  • Damage Repair Design
  • Solar Panel Support
  • Pre-Lease / Pre-Purchase Evaluation
  • Construction Observation
  • Computer Modeling
  • Finite Element Analysis

:: WORK ::


New construction refers to site preparation for, and construction of, entirely new structures and/or significant extensions to existing structures whether or not the site was previously occupied.


Some of the renovations shown are impressively complex, yet some show little more than a relaxing new color scheme, proving that even modest solutions can have a major impact.


Some of the renovations shown are impressively complex, yet some show little more than a relaxing new color scheme, proving that even modest solutions can have a major impact.

:: ABOUT ::

In today's world of building design, the endless variety of project types, materials, and goals can make it easy to become overwhelmed with options. For over a decade, all of us at RGA have worked hard to provide simple, cost effective solutions that deliver an uncompromising richness in aesthetics and innovation. Regardless of the project type, our principals of design are the same. Define the needs, assess the current situation and research and consider alternatives that positively address the first two items. Whether you are looking for a new large Medical Office Building, expanding your existing shop, or are in need of a structural repair or want to improve access, the approach is the same. RGA has the proven experience and expertise to Define, Assess and Create a solution for you.

:: MEET ::

Matt Gallaway staff image

Matt Gallaway

Principal Architect

Matt grew up in Northern California and proudly considers himself “Old Chico.” Matt is a product of the public school system as he attended University of California at Berkeley after graduating from Pleasant Valley High School. While at Berkeley, Matt played football for the Golden Bears and earned his degree from the school of Environmental Design, with a B.A. in Architecture.


Don Russell staff image

Don Russell

Principal Engineer

Don was born and raised in Gridley. He attended Chico State University in the College of Engineering, where he graduated with honors with a degree in Civil Engineering. Don became a licensed engineer in 1996. He and Matt started their business venture in 2001 ,with the formation of RGA. Don’s professional education did not stop with his P.E. He earned one of the first licenses as a California Accessibility Specialist (CASp) in 2010.


Chad Finch staff image

Chad Finch

Project Manager

Chad Finch is our production manager. His years of design and drafting experience with several local firms and his advanced CAD skills combine to help RGA to provide a quality product in the fastest time possible.


Sarah Collins staff image

Sarah Collins

Drafting, Modeling, Interiors

Sarah Collins joined the firm in 2010. Her area of specialization includes CAD modeling. She is also Revit certified. She is one of interior design staff. 


Jason Sannar staff image

Jason Sannar

Production Drawings

Jason Sannar has joined the RGA team. Working over 26 years as a professional, he holds degrees in Industrial Design and Computer aided drafting technologies. Jason’s experience includes many large commercial projects and custom high-end residential, along with years of product design and development.


Sheryl Campbell Bennett staff image

Sheryl Campbell Bennett

Drafting, Interiors, Colors, Admin

Sheryl Bennett has been performing drafting for the RGA team for 10 years now. She also works on the interior design team. 


Tyler Gravance staff image

Tyler Gravance

Modeling Manager

Tyler Gravance joined RGA in 2013. He is CAD and Revit certified and has a total of 7 years of drafting experience between high school and college.


Clint Peterson staff image

Clint Peterson

Project Engineer

Clint Petersen, a Cal Poly Graduate, joined the engineering team in 2005. He is a licensed civil engineer and he has become an integral part of the engineering team, providing calculation services and hands on drafting.


Jamie Jenks staff image

Jamie Jenks

Drafting Manager

Jamie Jenks joined the team in 2012. She brings 6 years of drafting and design experience from her days with Cornerstone Engineering.


Jill Andoe staff image

Jill Andoe

Office Manager, Accountant

Jill Andoe is our Office Manager and has been with the firm since the beginning. She will be on hand to answer your phone calls, as well as any billing questions.


Tyree Vantrease staff image

Tyree Vantrease

Project Architect

Tyree Vantrease, AIA, joined the RGA team in 2012 after working in Southern California and Tennessee.  Tyree is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and is a Licensed Architect in California.  He has 14 years of experience in both commercial and residential projects from schematic design through construction administration. He also brings extensive knowledge of Revit to our firm.


Arlee Atkinson staff image

Arlee Atkinson

Drafting, Modeling, Site Planning, CASp

Arlee Atkinson came to us from Oklahoma City and brings with her 13 years of drafting experience from her time at Modular Services Company.  


Bob Clark staff image

Bob Clark

Project Engineer

Bob Clark, P.E. is a licensed civil engineer specializing in structural design. He is a Chico State graduate with nearly 17 years of experience providing structural engineering. He adds project design and project management experience as well as expertise in scheduling and construction administration.


Morgan Gallaway staff image

Morgan Gallaway

Drafting, Modeling, Rendering, Interiors

Morgan Gallaway has joined our team. She brings autocad, revit and photoshop skills to the firm. In addition, she is a member of the interior design team.




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